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What is Wine pairing?

Pairing is the art of combining foods and drinks harmoniously to highlight and complement their flavors and aromas. It is about finding the perfect combination between a dish and a drink, whether it is wine, beer, cava or other options, with the aim of creating a more pleasant gastronomic experience.

What is pairing with Jamón?

Pairing with Jamón is a culinary practice that seeks to combine this delicious product with drinks that enhance its flavors and aromas or at least that do not interfere with its tasting. This way we can enjoy both at the same time but without interference. Ham is a versatile food that can go well with a variety of drinks, and here are some suggestions for creating successful pairings:

Red wine: although many people may be surprised by red wine, in general, it is not the perfect pairing for Spanish Jamón, because it tends to invade the tasting of the cured product with its depth of tannins and vice versa. But there is always an option for the unconditional of the red wine, and the best is our Pairing wine (Maridaje) made especially for Enrique Tomás to achieve that perfect marriage.

Cava or champagne: Spanish cava or French champagne are ideal options if you prefer sparkling drinks. Its acidity and effervescence cleanse the palate and contrast perfectly with the fat and salinity of the jamón, offering a refreshing experience.

Dry white wine: A dry white wine, such as an Albariño, can be a good choice to pair with jamón, especially if it is jamón. The freshness and acidity of these wines complement the meat in a balanced way.

Fino/Sherry: Jamón and Sherry are a classic couple in Spanish gastronomy. Sherry wines, such as Fino or Amontillado, have a complexity that combines perfectly with the depth of flavor of Iberian Jamón (jamón ibérico).

There may be more options, and the correct one will be the one you like the most, as it should be. But here we offer you a possible range of ideas to choose from.