Conservar el jamón en verano

How to preserve the ham in summer. Good advice!

In summer the temperatures soar and the heat threatens not only our physical endurance but also the preservation of our food. For this reason, so that your Iberian ham or your slices do not spoil, we explain how to preserve the ham in summer and continue enjoying it to the fullest. With a little care and practical advice from Enrique Tomás you will not have any problem and you will be able to keep its flavor intact.

Take good note!


The ham and the heat

If you have bought a piece of ham or a palette, we recommend that you start eating it the first day. When this piece reaches your hands, it is at its most optimal moment of consumption , so the best thing to do is to start it. Once opened, we tell you how long a ham or shoulder lasts in good condition.

Time of consumption of ham in summer

In the hot season, a reasonable amount of time for a ham weighing about 7 kg, at room temperature and well protected, can last for about two weeks. In the case of a palette of 4.5 kg maximum about 10 days. This is so, because the heat makes the ham sweat more, lose more fat that protects it and dehydrate faster.

Thus, not only does it dry out more, but it also becomes oxidized by the constant source of heat that is the ambient temperature on summer days.

The best tips for preserving ham in summer

Any piece of ham that goes bad for not following some basic and easy recommendations would really be a shame and a waste. The longer it takes to consume a piece, the more it will lose its original flavor and texture and it is a shame that this happens in such a precious product whose consumption should always give pleasure.

For this reason, we tell you what are the keys to keep your piece or your slices in the best condition:

With the whole piece: ham or palette

  1. You don't have to look for a small microclimate at home like a pantry. Simply keep the piece of ham out of the reach of a source of direct light or heat such as the sun, the stove and the oven, if you have it in the kitchen as usual.

  2. Every day cut a few slices so that the cut is alive and the infiltrated fat can flourish so that it does not dry out. Cutting daily its flavor, color and texture will remain intact over the days.

  3. Once cut, it is best to eat it immediately or as Enrique Tomás says, "the best slice is the one that doesn't even touch the plate, it's the one that goes directly from the knife to the mouth!" And if this is not the case, cut the ham shortly before serving it to the table, the fresher it is, the better.

  4. Also, once the cut is finished, DO NOT cover the cut part with its own fat, but with a transparent film or a clean, lint-free cotton cloth, until the next use.

For more advice we recommend: Frequently asked questions about ham conservation.

With vacuum-packed sliced ​​envelopes

If for you to consume the entire piece of ham or shoulder before the two weeks or the ten days recommended in summer it becomes very complicated - either because there are few of you at home, because in summer you travel more frequently or because you are not going to cut every day- we recommend you purchase the vacuum-packed sliced ​​ham sachets. This will allow you to extend the conservation time up to three months.

What are the advantages of this format?

  1. Duration: Vacuum slicing allows us to consume the product in the space of a minimum of three months.
  2. Space: A shoulder or ham in the kitchen takes up space with its corresponding ham holder, on the other hand, the envelopes hardly take up space in the fridge.
  3. Variety: Acquiring ham in this format allows you to try different types of ham and thus find your favorite more easily.

To learn more, we recommend: Advantages of buying sliced ​​ham.

Tips for conservation and consumption of sliced ​​products

  1. It is always advisable to keep the sliced ​​envelopes in the refrigerator, but in summer it is ESSENTIAL . Only then will they remain in perfect condition until after 3 months.

  2. Remember that you should take the package of ham out of the fridge half an hour before eating it: you will know that it is ready to eat when the slices of ham can be easily separated without hardly breaking. Only then will they have reached room temperature that will allow you to notice the aromas and maximum flavor.

Where to buy sliced ​​ham - Enrique Tomás

With these tips you already have everything to enjoy the flavor of ham intact in summer. Remember that conservation is an essential factor to take into account when buying ham.

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