donde comprar jamon iberico en mexico

Where to buy Iberian ham in Mexico

Iberian ham is one of the finest Spanish gastronomic products, and its flavor is so rich that its popularity has crossed our borders. If you want to know where to buy Iberian ham in Mexico...

Don't worry because at Enrique Tomás, we'll explain it to you!


Where to Buy Iberian Ham in Mexico

Finding Iberian ham in supermarkets is not overly complicated, but is it of the best quality? Not always. Many ham producers freeze the pieces beforehand to make them look identical when sliced, but this process sacrifices the nuances and texture of the curing!

At Enrique Tomás, we are aware that this is a mistake, which is why we never, under any circumstances, freeze our product. After all the care and attention our master ham makers have put into this unique delicacy, we want you to enjoy it as it should be! So, where to buy Iberian ham in Mexico? Well, if you want the best quality, in one of our ham shops!

We arrived in Mexico in 2016, and since then, we have grown and expanded to different locations throughout the country. We have eight establishments scattered across the country: we have ham shops in Mexico City, specifically four (Samara Shops, Food Central Miryana, Polanco, Las Palmas Food Market, and Mexico City), one in Cancun, another in Playa del Carmen, and one in Monterrey, and in all of them, we have top-quality meat.


Enrique Tomás Stores in Mexico

We sell both whole pieces and vacuum-packed sliced packs that you can keep for up to three months unopened because, thanks to this preservation process, it won't spoil during this time! So, why buy ham at Enrique Tomás? Very simple, it's a matter of trust. Ham is not just our passion; it's much more! Our intention has always been to make it reach every corner, and that's why we decided to start this adventure.

All our efforts have made us the largest ham shop chain in the world, and in each of our stores, we not only sell ham but also offer Iberian products and try to convey all the culture that surrounds our most precious asset.

This philosophy is what we follow in our stores in Spain, but where else? Well, also in England, Italy, and France! As you can see, all our efforts are aimed at fulfilling the same purpose: reaching every home.

To ensure that you will enjoy a top-quality ham, we subject each and every one of our pieces to the triple selection process. If, for any reason, any of them doesn't pass, WE WILL NOT SELL IT!

For us, a customer is not just someone who makes a purchase but someone who returns, and to be completely sure you come back, we commit to offering you always top-quality meat.

Enrique Tomás Stores in Mexico Enrique Tomás Stores in Mexico


So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know where to buy ham in Mexico, just go to the nearest shop!

You'll enjoy it like never before!


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