como saber si el jamon esta bien curado

How to know if the ham is well cured

A cured ham is one that is already made and ready to enjoy, but you've probably wondered at some point how to tell if the ham is properly cured. The first step to ensure this is to buy it in a specialized store because you have the guarantee that the selection processes have been met.

But, What do these processes consist of? Let's find out.

How can I make sure my ham is properly cured?

At Enrique Tomás, we always say that a customer is not the one who buys but the one who returns, which is why we sell top-quality Iberian ham because we want to become your trusted store. The confidence in your regular seller is precisely the best guarantee to know if the ham is properly cured because you can be sure that it will provide you with an authentic delicacy.

It's worth noting that at Enrique Tomás, we don't sell any ham that hasn't passed the quality standards and hasn't been salted and dried for the necessary time. Our master ham artisans are responsible for monitoring each piece from the moment the pig is born until it reaches you. Before each leg or shoulder goes to our stores, the ham artisans make sure they pass the "cala" test.


The "cala" test

The "cala" is the process by which possible defects in the pieces are detected through smell, and it's carried out using a pointed tool about twelve centimeters long called "cala." With it, the ham or shoulder is pierced in three different areas quickly and briefly. If the smell when removing the "cala" is unpleasant, the ham hasn't matured properly and, therefore, we won't sell it.

The "cala" of the ham

You should bear in mind that this process is much more complex than it seems and is carried out by the "caladores," specialists responsible for doing it correctly to avoid damaging the piece and ensuring that it heals properly. A poorly executed puncture could expose the product to bacteria that could spoil it, which is why it's so important that true professionals do this job. Otherwise, all the previous effort would be wasted.

Why do we emphasize this? Well, no matter how good the meat from a pig is, if it's not treated and cared for properly, it will be good but never perfect. More than forty years of experience and a whole team of professionals vouch for our product.

So, How to know if the ham is properly cured? This, precisely, our professionalism, is the best guarantee you can have.

100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham from Enrique Tomás - Delicious Taste


We test each and every piece sent to our warehouse by our producers on the spot, and, to top it off, we examine them again when they arrive at the stores. Ham and the entire culture surrounding it are the main interests of Enrique Tomás, and that's why we only sell the best. Thanks to the touch, appearance, and smell of the ham, the people on our team can tell if an Iberian ham is properly cured or not, and this ability is only gained through experience.

You should pay attention to the fat or the folds of the upper crust, among many other aspects, and it takes years of observation to figure out if the legs and shoulders are ready or not.

In summary, Want a properly cured ham? Go to your trusted store and always ask to taste a bit of that ham you want to take home. Once you try it, you'll know you've made a good decision.


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