La Experiencia Enrique Tomás en los Grammy 2023

The Enrique Tomás Experience at the Grammy Awards 2023

Music and Flavor Meet in Seville

In the 24th edition of the Latin Grammys, a globally significant event that honors the most outstanding talents in the music industry, the city left an indelible mark on its musical history. What distinguished this edition extraordinarily was the contribution of Enrique Tomás as a sponsor, providing an unparalleled culinary experience that uniquely merged with the magic of the show.

It was an honor for us to be part of this world-class event and bring our special touch to the Grammy night. Enrique Tomás became the gastronomic soul of the event, offering exquisite dishes from Iberian ham to selections of gourmet cold cuts, and, of course, our irresistible Tomasones. These and many other delights became an integral part of the treats served on the most anticipated night of music.

Home Tasting, Special Guests, and Lots of Ham!

The first day at the Latin Grammy Awards house was truly extraordinary, highlighted by our exclusive 'Home Tasting' experience. This event was not just about tasting food; it was a complete immersion in a unique tasting. On this extraordinary day, special guests added a touch of glamour to the festive atmosphere. Distinguished personalities shared unforgettable moments, adding extra sparkle to the evening.

The 'Home Tasting' was not just about flavors; it was also an opportunity to discover the history and passion behind each product. It was an intimate encounter with the essence of Enrique Tomás, shared among friends and lovers of good food.

Guests had the pleasure of tasting our exquisite hams from 4 different regions of the Iberian Peninsula, each with its characteristic flavor profile: Aromatic, Smooth, Intense, and Tasty. At Enrique Tomás, we like to call these flavors, as each ham tells a unique story.

And that was not all, as there was much more to discover. The first day at the Latin Grammy Awards house delivered intense emotions, exclusive experiences, and the promise of a celebration that will remain in collective memory. From our unmistakable Iberian ham to the gourmet cold cuts, each bite was carefully selected to offer an unforgettable experience.

Enrique Tomás Iberian Ham Tasting

Our great guests and workers were part of the show at all times, bringing the evening to life with their enthusiasm and participation. Enrique Tomás not only offers quality ham but also celebrates culture and fun around food.

At the 'Bellasombra' house, hosts had the opportunity to discover the exquisite pleasure of our Tomasón. The delicious sandwich that combines the softness of brioche bread with the irresistible shavings of Iberian ham, creating the authentic 'Spanish hot dog.' And as an exclusive product for Christmas, guests had the opportunity to try our ham nougat in our co-branding with Turrons Vicens. This delightful fusion of tradition and modernity added a festive and unique touch to the gastronomic experience.

During the event, the brand's new Christmas commercial was presented, starring singer David Bisbal. In addition, we had the participation of many more artists who contributed to making this experience a unique celebration. Our team of partners and workers were involved at all times and were responsible for serving exceptionally to all guests.
The house of the Latin Grammy Awards not only offered a gastronomic tasting; it was a day full of surprises and emotions.

This Christmas novelty, the new Turrón of Jamón from Enrique Tomás and Turrons Vicens

Gift Room at FIBES, Reception of Nominees, and Great Artists at the Universal Festival

The second day at the Latin Grammy Awards house was a delight for the senses, full of unique moments that added a special touch to this world-renowned music celebration. The Gift Room at FIBES was a space dedicated to exclusivity. Here, attendees discovered an exclusive selection of gifts and experiences, adding a touch of luxury to the overall experience.

The reception of nominees for the awards was a moment of recognition and celebration, where outstanding talents were honored before the grand ceremony. Guests shared the excitement and anticipation in this special encounter. were the constant delight throughout the evening, ensuring that each guest had the opportunity to enjoy good food.

Music reached new heights with the participation of great artists at the Universal Festival. Vibrant sounds and performances made this day even more memorable, highlighting the diversity and exceptional talent of the Latin music scene. From the exquisite flavors of Enrique Tomás to the gifts and unforgettable performances of the best artists in the music scene.

The Magic of Music and Gastronomy

Music and food have a special connection that transcends cultural boundaries. Both are capable of awakening emotions and creating memorable experiences. At Enrique Tomás, we believe in the importance of the connection between the art of music and the pleasure of enjoying good food. Our commitment to music was evident throughout the night, contributing to the magic that was created.

The Grammys in Seville were an epic event that brought people from different parts of the world together through music. Artists delivered incredible performances that touched the hearts of everyone present, and the exciting moments will be etched in the memory of attendees forever. The synergy between top-notch music and the extraordinary flavors of Enrique Tomás made the event genuinely exceptional.

From Enrique Tomás, we take pride in having been part of this experience, and we hope everyone enjoyed the music, food, and magic that this event provided. Thank you for joining us on this unforgettable night!


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